Vanna Speaks

Article Number Three

G r r r r r !

Things in general are more than a little spooky around the house. But that makes me feel great! With my tummy full, I certainly have plenty of energy. It's "top-of-the-mornin to ya" time. (must be the Irish Dutch?)

And I begin to think of my own tricks package. It, by the way, is always more advanced than what has been reported to my loyal readers, or even what is suspected by my human house-mates. This is as good of a time as any to practice several of my favorites. Most recently, my human house-mates have been most impressed by a little performance that comes very naturally for me - the grrrrr. I really can get into it. The more wound up I am, the better I grrrrr! The more I grrrrr, the more I wind up! I have to lean forward and dig deep to get a small low frequency rumble, and, at the same time, I perk my ears, make my eyes very intense, and I do the closest that I can do to pouching out my cheeks for an assistive blow. Most of the time, the humans ask for it, and they get it. They must like it, because they say "good girl" and give me a goody.

So, I am thinking that this is not only a good time; this is as perfect a time as can be. I'll do it without them asking! That should really please them. So, I climb to the nearest over-hang, and stand on it as if it were a ledge. With the darkened room, the pink fluorescent glow in my eyes, the wind (fan) fluffing up my fur and my position dominating the scene, it is show time. With me looking down over that guy, remember that one that chased after me? I dig up the best performance that I can muster. From down real deep comes this voice from my ancestors. I am so proud…I've got it all…all the visual special effects and now the sound. And talk about timing, I've got perfect timing. I mean, the humans will really appreciate how entertaining it is to have a wolf stage play in their bedroom at…2:30 AM.

PS: for some reason, the humans many times express strong regret about what they have previously encouraged.

Till next time, I have spoken.


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