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Article Number One

An Introduction

Being both beautiful and intelligent takes a lot more work than many humans realize. In fact, that accomplishment, along with loads of others, is merely overlooked by humans - if it is done by another species. Well, now that I have this column, I'll not be overlooked!

I realize that I am lucky to have this soapbox to talk from, and do appreciate my human house mates paying for it. Although, I could use something taller than a soapbox, in my case. OK, there is a little dog humor in that remark, but I actually am referring to a bigger pulpit for other reasons. See, I know that there are lots of dogs out there who aren't so lucky. They don't have someone to buy them column space like this. Some don't even have a roof over their heads. Some don't even get to visit with their humans very often. Some may not be fed well. Some may be chained out in the yard, like a prisoner. Some don't have a human of any kind, let alone a kind one.

I feel strongly that humans should not be allowed to have a dog, if they are not going to treat it like a true pet. A pet dog is a part of the family. It stays inside with its humans and shares as much of life as it can with those humans. You wouldn't put your human sister or brother outside, or on a chain would you? Wait a minute, don't answer that. Maybe I can think of a better example. Let's say… someday…, humans begin to value their own mental health. Say, they begin to understand that how they treat all their companions, of all species, is not only a reflection of their mental health, but a direct contribution to their mental health. Then, I guess, all humans would try to treat dogs better. Until that time, not all humans should have dogs.

In my next columns, I'll try to tell you how to get the most out of your relationship with a dog. Till then, I have spoken!


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