Vanna Speaks

Article Number Six

Nurse Vanna and the Imaginary Weave Pole Awakening

My duties to my family are numerous. From my excellent watch dog duties (I'll even bark at my human house mates to remind them that they are, indeed, in their own yard or coming through their own door), to other alert type duties that defy labeling; my evening and night is spent trying to rigidly guide or nurse these house mates through their lives.

Remember the guy who threw the ball, so we could all watch? The same fellow who berated my 2:30 AM wolf stage play? And that very same slow fellow, who I taught to play tag? Well, late in the evening, he plays one of the discs of his "favorite music" - usually the same one night after night…remember this is the same guy that wanted to watch a ball bounce. I sit beside him on the couch as, not long into the music, this guy falls asleep. I wait for the music to end, and then lick him in the face, make him get up from the couch and walk the distance to the bed, and I supervise him to make sure he goes to bed correctly. I also check to make sure that Casey and the female human house mate are tucked away.

I then bide my time during the night chewing on chew sticks, watching out the window from the look out (couch), and taking dog naps. When I have had enough of those activities, and, by my definition, determine the night to be over, I go to the bedroom door and give my Bella Lugosi stare to Casey. That makes Casey uneasy, starts him fidgeting and he knows that he must eventually lick the female in the face to awaken her. All this based upon my unsaid commands.

But, as she awakens, and makes her first movements to get out from under the covers, I spring into action. I jump up on the bed, and start another one of my own games. I must bounce from side to side, landing on alternating sides of the human female as she is trying to slide out bed. The goal is to become a blur, never hitting the human, but touching on each side of her as fast as I can. The guy sometimes awakens, due to all the action. After watching my routine for quite a while, he thought that it looked very familiar. It looked like something he had seen many times in dog competition. "She's doing a mobile weave pole over the top of you" was his comment to the female human house mate. Now he says , "I'm gonna get her a set of weave poles." That's fine with me, just as long as they taste as good or better than the other goodies that they get me!

Till next time, I have spoken.


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