Vanna Speaks

Article Number Four


Do you ever feel that you're not appreciated? Some of us try real hard in the workplace. I mean…real hard. Like me, for instance. I know that I am the ultimate hunter/gatherer. I see that as one of my most important jobs. So, I am always on duty; a duty that just does not seem to be appreciated by my human house-mates!

My vigil knows no time or physical limits. I am always ready for the hunt, and I will track down the quarry. Oh, you can try to hide it from me. You can attempt to ruin the scent trail. You can attempt to obstruct my vision. You can attempt to distract me. But no matter what you do, I will be the hunter/gatherer.

Wait…just…a…second, I note that at this moment some foul play is afoot. They, those human house-mates, are trying deceit as I speak! Around the corner and in the bedroom, I sense something, some quarry, some target that I now must hunt. I am on now. They cannot stop me, the great hunter/gatherer.

Try as they may, their showering of chewsticks in my path, the attempt to grab me bodily, the yelling to distract me - none of that can stop me as I run the imaginary weave poles. I literally bound from the couch, past the center column, twisting, turning, jumping, and plowing my way into the bedroom. I know that what I hunt is hidden on the other side of the water bed. There, just as I thought, is that cowering Casey, with the chewstick, the chewstick that I want! So, having grabbed it from his mouth, I turn in conquest and scoop all the others along the path I came. Exiting into the main living area with seven chewsticks in my mouth, I am greeted with "Hey, you can't do that!!! Give him back his one pitiful chewstick!!!" Hey, yourself, I am…the… great…hunter/gatherer.

Till next time, I have spoken.


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Vanna spoke with Terry for the last time on 02-19-2009