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Article Number Five

Stare Down

I don't know who "Sissy" was (see DOMINANT). But I do know how she drove those Huskies and other dogs into compliance. All you need is the fluffy gray and black wolfish coat and, most importantly, the real look. That is, it is in the stare… And it has to be done just right. Let's go over it and see if you can get the picture.

First, you must be looking out from behind a mask with long angled hairs that continue the lines of the mask far out from and far back from your head. I have seen silly humans (like the senile group Kiss) try to imitate this effect. And a few of the great Hollywood makeup people are coming closer… But it takes someone who knows how to use the look properly; and humans just don't know how to do it. So, anyway, you're in nature's mask with an outfit to match, and you have to stand erect with a, for lack of better words, show dog stance. You pull your snout slightly down. Don't offer your nose on an equal plane.

Then you roll your eyes up, looking out of the top of your mask (spectacles), and hold that pose - with those eyes fixed on the other animal. Don't flinch. Just hold that pose solid, no matter what… On almost any sane animal this will work. The other animal usually moves first, and usually moves away.

With this combination of mask, outfit and skill, the stare down should almost always work. I do not recommend this technique for use on some humans and some of their recent insane creations within dogdom. But I do play this stare down, up close and personal, with that guy who I mentioned in previous articles. Of course, he gives up first. And, if I were built the size and shape of my ancestors, and had only a touch of their aggression, even those recent creations would yelp away in retreat. But, sigh, I am just a Keeshond now. Sweet. Lovable. A buddy to humanity. And the only thing unchanged from thousands of years ago is a momentary stare.

Till next time, I have spoken.


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