Philosophy and Site Dedication

Do ramble through the other Keeshonden sites on the net. An incredible amount of information will be offered to you. Your senses will be over-loaded by the wonderful pictures of the individual Kees, the various interpretations of the Kees' history and the written standards of appearance and performance. But this site is dedicated to what most Kees owners say is the most valuable contribution by the Kees: the Kees personality, the interaction between that personality and humans and the reward that such interaction can give to both animals. Though the psychological warm fuzzy effect is singled out in every piece of Kees literature, no one has given that effect the kind of coverage that it deserves. Typically, you will find from one sentence to one paragraph, stating that there is such an effect and that it is the most important contribution by the breed. Then there will be reams of pages on grooming, show competition, history and genetic concerns.

At this site, much time and effort will be dedicated to the Kees personality and the magic that it can perform. Kees have been involved in many heroic rescues, that is, as in the rescue of human mental health. It will be easy to find anecdotal accounts of such rescues. This site will provide a platform for such stories, and will attempt to identify why the Kees personality is a very unique personality within the world of wolves and dogs.