Keeshond Rescue

With the passing of the famous national Keeshond Home Page, the unification of all rescue groups into one listing has also passed. Many rescue groups established new internet addresses with cost effective providers, such as Yahoo. Unfortunately, the addresses are not memorable, nor are many listed within search engines. The families looking for Kees end up with addresses that no longer work or addresses that do not represent their portion of the USA. To try and compensate for the loss of the Keeshond Home Page, will offer this page as an attempt to gain a somewhat unified list.

Starting with those few groups who have already expressed their desire to be listed here, we will add any Kees rescue group from any portion of the USA. The representative need only ask for such a listing and send their web address to .

From experience recently gathered from families on the east coast and in the northeast portion of the USA, there is great need for a rescue group in that area. Anyone knowing of one, even a small one, in that area or anyone who would want to start one in that area, please let us know - so that we may post your address.

*And a special note to everyone - do not forget the breeders. Even the best lineage does not stop a Kees from losing its home. Most breeders agree to take back their animals, and then must find a home for the ex-show dog or pet quality dog - so check with the breeders in your area, even if rescue is your choice method.

Most of the following are basic web addresses, with a few email addresses intermixed. These are, at least, a start: