Vanna Speaks

Article Number Nine

"King for a Day"

"The crowning glory of all creation", boy what egotists! These human guys have been writing fairly good fiction for thousands of years. And their self image stuff is the "greatest fiction ever told."

Whether playing the good guy or the bad guy, they just have to describe themselves as beyond the absolute perfection of either role. Think maybe that they are over compensating? Gee…

Well, I have been hanging around these "crowning glories" long enough to know that they sacrificed an awful lot for their crown. And with all possible interpretations, saying that they have little sense is quite descriptive. Basically, they don't seem to be able to smell, see or hear. I suspect other failings also.; I just can't prove it. But back to those basics. It seems shocking to me that neither of my human house mates can identify the smell of their friends about a quarter mile before they see them . The guy human house mate says that is good(?)…hmmm. And then, they don't see those same friends until they are almost directly in front of them (about a quarter mile is right in front, in my book). And hearing? Well, that is as limited as their ability to smell. The guy house mate cannot hear and distinguish the female's barge (car), even as close as a block or two away, something I do so easily! To award the crown of creation to themselves seems like some attempt to, yes, overcompensate for their inabilities; it also seems like a deception. But, hey, don't tell them that!

Beyond the basics, I could tell them that they fail to sense the magnetic waves, the electrical discharges, minor temperature variations and many other portions of their own universe. I could even tell them that It all is a package deal. But that would spoil the fun of watching them stumble around using that narrow focus of theirs.

I love knocking the human crowns off. And a little doubt can start them rolling. When I act like the lead dog, and have to escort those humans through this world, they start wondering if maybe all other animals in the world are not naturally inferior. A few of these short lived kings have even begun to realize that the other animals just put emphasis on a different kind of expertise. But since they can't even accept variations within the human population, how can I expect them to accept the differences that can be noted throughout the rest of the animal kingdom. And then they think that they want to meet an "alien" from another planet! Heck, the very day that any such meeting would occur, they'd lose their crowning glory, get angry, and then sic their dogs on them. But, of course, as my readers know, the Kees would have enough real sense to not do it. Lick lick.

Till next time, I have spoken.


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