Vanna Speaks

Article Number Eight


The other day, that human guy said that he "had lost his little puppy…" I didn't know what he was talking about, because I was standing right there in front of him. He whined more, saying, "She's about a 21 year old now, in human standards. And she's changed so much." "She's becoming so sweet and attentive…let's you pet her without a wrestle." And on and on he went. The only "she" who I know of is me. But the description certainly didn't sound like me. Sweet? Attentive? I do like sweets and I do pay attention to any food item, but I didn't think he meant it like that.

After several more such descriptions, I understood that he did And specifically what he meant was that I am becoming more "calm", "majestic" and a "beautiful lady". Hey, just because I let the guy pet my head, hug me and carry me around like a big Teddy bear, that doesn't mean that I am a pushover.

I am still playing. Like all Kees, I have just turned the play into some daily duties. It was getting boring, playing the same way and not getting anything else accomplished. So, now I do stuff like run and wake the guy up when the female human leaves the house. I lick his face and hands until he gets up and sees that the female human is going or gone. It seems like he should at least know that he is the only one left to feed us and talk to us. So, is it things like that which make the guy think that I am going soft? My ancestors did the same for ship crews. I bet those crews saw the play in that work.

If puppy means riot, then Casey and I have a plan for this guy. See, Casey has awakened from 2.5 years of mourning the last family to dump him. Suddenly, when he realized these humans, who we now live with, were never going to dump him, he turned into a real clown. He beats me to the punch (line) quite frequently, does pantomime for the humans, sings up a storm (boys!) and even wrestles with me. I never thought that I would see the day… Well, here comes that human guy who honey coated my title.

First, I bark at the guy through the glass door, jump up and down like a yo-yo, then burst through the door as he opens it. Casey is literally on my heels. We do the "nature thing", and then Casey, after dragging the situation on, runs like crazy back to the house - with me doing pinwheels around him as we go. We crash through the front door "like a freight train", bark for and dance for a goodie, then chase each other through the house. We finally end up on the human female's air mattress (we really like the sound that it makes and the extra bounce). There we wrestle and roll all over it, making as much noise we can and throwing the covers all over the place. "Hey, you nuts. You're acting like a bunch of rotten kids!!!"

Now that's more like it.

Till next time, I have spoken.


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Vanna spoke with Terry for the last time on 02-19-2009