Comet's Life

Comet is an example of a more healthy 'rescued' dog. The Human Factor finally worked for him. Before and after pics are provided, as well as the following story.

*Just as Vanna has a secretary to take dictation, so does Comet. Kathy and Mark Weber live in Comet's house, and Kathy works as Comet's secretary. Here is some of what he said...

UH- we're not in Kansas anymore,,, puppies & Kitties & fish oh my!

Oh, hello there, my name is Comet & I was just thinking about my early days when I was a young pup. That's when I traveled half way across the U.S. You see it all started somewhere in Kansas sometime in October 1999. I don't know who I belonged to or where exactly I was born but my long trip took me to Taunton Massachusetts. I'm not sure how I traveled (by car or plane) but it was a long, long trip. I remember that I was put in a cage to be displayed to all who passed by , lots of people would pass by & there were lots of other stores. . I heard someone say it was a mall.

One day someone came to see me & I just knew that I was going to be set free! I went to a nice home where there were little people they call kids. I loved that place, there were lots of things to chew on & the kids played with me too. I even had an inground pool (that was scary). I lived here for a long time just a little past my first birthday, then one day mom said she loved me but she couldn't care for me anymore, you see one of my human kid playmates was ill & mom had to spend lots of time with her. So off I went to a friend of mom's, her friend had a "grandpa" dog that looked just like me but it wasn't as spry as me. After about 6 months I had to leave there too, guess I was just too spunky, I heard someone say that I was becoming an adult & that I wanted to meet girls. I guess it wasn't a good idea to jump on that door so much! So off I went but this time to a strange place with lots of cages, I thought it was the mall place again except there weren't any other stores. But there were other dogs, all different kinds & even a room with cats (I know them I lived with them too at mom's house). There were some nice people too I really liked the guy called Chris, he said I was a brat but that I was beautiful & had a lot to learn. Everyday Chris spent time with me. I found out that Chris called my mom to tell her that I was there, yippy!! Later I found out that mom couldn't take me back but that she was hoping someone would come & take me to their home. So mom sent a message out on the computer for all to see, she asked for help quick! She was sad that I was there. I arrived here on July 26,2001 & that's when mom sent out her message. Chris told me that all kinds of Keeshond rescue people helped and that there was a couple far away who wanted to meet me, they read mom's message (gee the computer is a wonderful thing!). Mom sent a message to them telling them I was in a shelter on Cape Cod. Everyday I heard Chris talking to someone named Mark. Chris told me that Mark & Kathy were coming from Long Island, New York to take me home with them but first they had to fix me (I didn't know I was broken). I guess I was because on Friday August 3rd they fixed me. I was so dizzy afterwards. On Saturday I waited & waited all day because Mark & Kathy were coming for me. I thought they changed their mind when all of a sudden Chris said 'they're here". I got up to go outside to see them but I was tired & confused. They said it took them 6 hours to get to me. That stuff they used to fix me made me feel funny, everything looked like there were two of them. When we all met it was uncomfortable at first, there were two Mark's & two Kathy's. They seemed nice but I wanted to stay with Chris. Chris left us alone & we all just looked at each other. Mark said hello & then Kathy sat on the "wet" rocks & asked me to come over by her, I thought she's silly those rocks smell. Oh well, I guess I can get closer, oh maybe I'll put my foot on her knee. Hey she liked that! Then Mark called me over (he didn't sit on the smelly rocks) he had both knees bent so I could climb up & hug him. He was nice. They were nice but would they love me or would they just "borrow" me for a while? I decided to go (Chris said I had to now). When I got to the car they had a nice cage for me to sit in so I'd be safe. I slept on the long ride. When we finally got there I knew that this would be a nice place to live so within a very short time that night I was busy checking out the place.

It's been a year now & what fun I've had. I got lots of "talking" toys, they're my favorite. I'm so proud of myself when I can make them talk & one of them stops talking I bring it to mom to fix. I get homemade dog food & dog cookies yum! (dad loves to feed them to me when mom's not looking, he's my best friend). Every night dad takes me for a long walk, we go on different streets each night, sometimes for a long, long time. We go at night because all this fur makes me hot. Every Sunday (I know when that is, I can count the days) we go to the dog park where I get to romp with my friends.

Mom & dad have learned so much about me from Vanna & Casey, that computer thing again. Our humans keep in touch & tell them all sorts of neat stuff about Keeshonds. Mom & dad tells them all kinds of stories about me like how I was so afraid of water when I first came home. I wouldn't even walk on the same side of the street as a puddle. (I think that's because of the in ground pool, my first mom just told Kathy that she thinks I may have fallen in when I was a pup but she's not sure). I also like to bark lots, all different ways. When I'm at the park I bark in a high voice at my friends & I push their rear with my rear & run next to them. They say that I'm herding & that's not what I'm supposed to do. What do they know, I like it so I will do it if I want. I bark sometimes at home too but that's a deeper bark, I do it to tell mom & dad that someone's lurking outside my house, walking by & that they cannot come in my house. They call me the Mayor of Levittown & the park because at home I watch the street all day & at the park I let the dogs in & I help them out when they leave. Sometimes mom & dad call me a lipperzanKees because I walk like those fancy horses do, especially when they come home after work. They say I smile lots too & that I have lots to say. Like Arooo to you! I even have my own chair & if mommy sits there I just get her to leave, I stare at her in that tone of voice, if I stare long enough she leaves then I get to sit there (next to daddy) and watch TV. I like TV, so much so that if you talk to me while my favorite show is on I will ignore you as if you weren't there (I'm good at that). I have two sister's Misty & Sabrina they are cats yuck! I like to tease them both. Mom says I have to walk up to them really slow & quietly because I'm such a galoot that I scare them. I like to run fast & move around quickly. Misty always yells at me & hits my nose with her nails (ouch!) I just jump up & down & bark - I just wanna play. It's fun anyway! Oh I've gotta go now there's so much I could tell you but I have to start packing for my vacation. I'm going to Canada & Nova Scotia, that's a far ride. But you know something, life's been so good to me even if I had to travel around so much & live in so many places. But mom & dad say this is my FOREVR home & I believe them. I think I'll keep them!

My first mom & sister keeps in touch too & that's nice. I'm lucky for all the love that surrounds me, I'm a lucky dog! (human really).

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